Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vero Beach

We've been in Florida now for FOUR months! It's hard to believe, but we were in the panhandle area way before Thanksgiving.  We are slowly moving northward and enjoying every day.

We are currently at the Vero Beach Municipal Marina.  We stayed at the mooring balls for a few nights and moved to the marina when Craig's mom, Debbie came for a visit.  She was in a golf tournament in Stuart area earlier in the week and will be meeting her husband, Rich later this week to stay in Marco Island. 

 The beach made for a great walk to ice cream and a park. 
The wind has been really strong lately and made for some great waves.

 Is it possible that Morgan is already looking and acting older?

One of our favorite spots to eat is, Five Guy Burgers and Fries.  Both of our parents hadn't ever been to one and it is quite possibly the best burger and fries we've ever had.  Grand Rapids, Michigan needs to get one!

Which way do we go?

This time with Grandma Debbie has been a ton of fun!  The kids can't get enough of her!

 Debbie took the girls birthday shopping and came home with a boat load of stuff!

 The restaurant Deb treated us to, Waldo's, was right on the Atlantic Ocean with a pool.

While the kids were doing their 'boatschooling' Grandma went to Panera and bought a dozen bagels and cream cheese.....their eyes were bulging.

A cool old western establishment had this old handmade table.

Craig caught it all right....after breaking his tail off twice.  Kids were excited until blood started dripping off his tail.

This is the Vero Beach City Marina showers/laundry, etc. The dockmaster lives upstairs.

Looking back....this is the Stuart marina, Sunset Bay, clubhouse (dockmaster lives upstairs too)!

 Our mooring ball was a mere 15 feet from a sign near the Negotiator.

Science project with the kids making a pulley type system with the weight of a water bottle propelling a fan.

Jaxon has pretty much taken over this particular counter area for Transformers and Bakugans!

The girls took over the other half of the salon with Pet Shop.  Craig and I were left to our stateroom for the weekend...haha.

With an opportunity for transportation, we filled the freezer with fresh meat. This is about a two weeks supply.

Craig has spent some time working on the boat this week.....more details to come as we're putting together a captains update. 

My helper, Jaxon, doing our usual coin laundry run.

It's rare that you see anyone sailing anymore. Most sailboats will motor through the ICW.

We leave in the morning to head north on our adventure. 
It's fun to see my new "Followers" this week and hope you're all enjoying my blog...thank you for your support! 
Happy Birthday to my friend, John Jermstad...we miss you and Carrie so much!!