Thursday, March 3, 2011


After staying near Peanut Island in the Palm beach area we headed north to Delray Beach for the day.  There was a free day use dock and we enjoyed the park and walking through town. 
We stayed at a mooring ball in downtown Stuart for four nights.  My parents came for one last visit before they headed back to Michigan after being in Florida for over two months.

Morgan is officially double digits!   It's been a fun week of celebrating. The cake is a Heath Bar dessert, her favorite.
We stayed a night in the Jupiter area at Hobe Sound, which was a great place to build sand castles.
Quiet anchorage and great kayaking....see Negotiator in the background!
My parents were able to get a hotel with a heated pool about a mile from the marina. It worked out perfect to catch up and play for a few days.
Morgan holding up ten fingers on her birthday.....flying through the air!  It's crazy how high she is....strong Dad!
He can't get enough of the 'high life.'
Grandma, Grandma, with me, sit by me, talk to me.  They can't get enough!

Sisters and friends forever!
Jaxon clung to my mom the whole time they were here.
Grandpa Wes sent loads of paper for the kids after he heard how much they like to draw.
Wickles and Catch Me if You Can book from my parents for Craig's birthday.  Wickles are like pickles.
Morgan wanted Olive Garden for her birthday dinner and it was delicious. 
Grandma and grandpa gave her some fun gifts.
Morgan's birthday cake was awesome.
Picnic at the pool.

An evening dinghy ride back to the Negotiator for Euchre and a cocktail while kids went to bed after a long day.
It's unbelievable how close boats will pass eachother.  In the river system it was courteous to ask for a 'pass' Florida it seems that not only do you not have to ask for a pass, but go ahead and speed on by with a huge wake because no one seems to care! 
We've been on the hook for 10 nights now and will head to a marina in Vero Beach when Craig's mom, Debbie, comes for a visit on Sunday.  We are all very excited to see her!