Monday, March 14, 2011

New Smyrna Beach

We left our anchorage early the next morning after our incident and went to a marina. It was a cold, windy and rainy ride, but the Negotiator ran great, considering what she had been through.  We needed to regroup mentally, rest, fuel up and make arrangements for the boat to be hauled for possible repairs.  My sweet Morgan cleaned the entire boat while we took a nap and managed to keep everyone happy and quiet. She is such a caring person. 
We left the next day with the sun shining bright and ready to move forward.  We were fortunate enough to see an unmanned shuttle launch take off in the evening thanks to my our friends, Russ and Kathy Lunnen who worked for NASA and are from the area.  It was amazing to see and only lasted for maybe five glad we didn't miss it!!  
New Smyrna Beach had a free dock where we stayed for two nights.  We left early Saturday morning to attend the farmers market and craft fair downtown, which was only two blocks from the boat.  From there we walked the town and attended an interesting historical museum.  After lunch we went to a huge playground right there in the park and since it was a Saturday, there were tons of kids to play with!
While downtown there were some old ruins to walk around that dated back over 200 years.

Daytona Bike Week was going on just north of us and some girls on Harleys came for a photo shoot right in front of the boat.

A woman stopped to help a pelican get a fish hook out of his bleeding wing. We were surprised to see how patient he was and glad to be freed of his injury.

That evening there were around 200 cars that attended a show lining the streets of downtown New Smyrna Beach. It is held every second Sat. of the month and we were lucky enough to take in the event.  A woman was insistent that the girls get into her car for a picture.  Those are mannequins in the rumble seat.

My favorite car was a 1972 Cutlass Convertible just like the one that my parents owned for 25 years.  The style and dashboard were so similar and I remember spending a lot of time in it as a kid as this was my moms everyday car (except hers was green).  

We have seen so many sky writers during this trip and each time it seems to be a message to God!

On Sunday we traveled to our next port and the kids took the opportunity to get creative and have some fun.  Ryann opened a bookstore, Jaxon a toy store and Morgan a jewelry shop. 

Fort Matanzas in Cresecent Beach was a great stop on the ICW for a protected anchorage and great view of the the fort on Rattlesnake Island.  Built in 1740 it has never been involved in a battle.

We went to the visitors center for a video on the history of the fort and took the ferry over to the island for a guided tour.  See the Negotiator at the far end where the ICW meets the Matanza River Inlet from the Atlantic Ocean. 

We had a fantastic tour guide that made history fun and memorable. 

It was hard to believe how good of shape the fort remained.

This is where the bunks were housed for soldiers that manned the fort.

The Junior Ranger Program was a great experience for the kids to get involved in all aspects of the fort.

They completed the program and earned their pins from the ranger.

After lunch we spent the afternoon playing at the beach. Jaxon ran the entire time!

Very unique jellyfish everywhere!

The kids tried to pull the dinghy anchor out of the ground to no avail. 

Our drive to St. Augustine was very serene and enjoyable.  There were loopers in the harbor as we passed by the Castillio de San Marco fort right on the ICW. 

Once we passed by the fort and came upon this pirate ship, we could see why the fort was there...haha! 

Our friend, Marvin the Manatee, (as Jaxon named him) came for a drink while Craig was cleaning! 
We are currently at the Camachee Yacht Yard and Marina in St. Augustine and will be pulled out of the water in the morning to assess the damages done from last weeks incident. 


  1. Wow, you're moving northward quickly now days. Almost out of Florida for the first time in months. Hope all goes well today with checking for any damage. If she's running right chances are good there's no prop damage. They made those Chris-Crafts to keep going.

    Enjoyed the photos immensely. The kids are growing very quickly. When you're with them every day you probably don't notice but looking back at some of your first posts it becomes obvious.

  2. Ohmifreaking goodness, so glad I read this!! I will call you this week!!! so glad everyone is safe, and I continue to learn from you all how to be level headed. Cheryl is writing this, not allan....xoxox

  3. I'm still following! We are under way so it's harder to keep up with my blogging!! Looks like you are getting around really fast!!

  4. Awesome! You are really fortunate to see that lightning like sky break! It so beautiful! Anyway the pirate ship is very interesting. Its details must be thrilling to learn. Just look at that rigging! No wonder Blackbeard and his crew survived a lot of storms in the sea!

    Mark Brown