Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peanut Island, West Palm Beach

We've been anchoring out every night with some locations being better than others.  This one on Lake Worth had a beautiful sunset, many 200 foot yachts, cruise ships and barges going by and fun Peanut Island just to the north.  However, it was not very protected and a choppy wake most of the time.  We find that the 'liveaboard boaters' take up the good anchorages and all of the transients are left to sounding our way into not-so-perfect ones. 
 The water was so clear you could see the anchor. This photo was taken with the underwater camera.
 Peanut Island was a very fun place to spend the day. There's a decommissioned Coast Guard Station from 1995 and Kennedy put a bunker there in the early 60's during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  We walked a 1.25 mile brick paved trail around the perimeter of the island and spent most of the day snorkeling, swimming and meeting some of the local regulars that frequent there.  
 The Rachel B. Jackson sailboat out front offered tours. Ryann Rachel and Jaxon loved the name!
 The small harbor area was deep enough for the Negotiator, but we brought the dinghy instead (see girls on the left)
 The lagoon was a great place to find sea creatures of all kinds.
 There were lifeguards on duty all around the island and a warning out for Man-O-Wars.

 The rocks were a long waterfall area that the girls loved.
 Jaxon was impressed with the lifeguard boat and told many stories of how it was able to be on land up side down.
 The boogie boards were a great way to swim with all the large fish without really swimming with the large fish!

 A perfect picnic spot!
 It was amazing to see all of the boats that gather.  We talked to many people that said it was rather quiet the day we were there. 
 Once back on the Negotiator we had a visit from the local police just checking up on us.  They spent over an hour and half visiting.  Turns out they just busted a drug boat that was a Chris Craft.
 Jupiter Inlet lighthouse on our venture north.

Next posting coming soon.....Morgans birthday!

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