Wednesday, February 16, 2011


After being on the hook (anchoring out) for seven days, it's hard to believe we left Marathon a week ago.  I've committed myself to doing this blog once a week and it's amazing how fast the time goes by.  After we left Marathon we worked our to Key Largo where we waited for 3 nights for a good weather window to head to Miami.  At this time we are sitting in an anchorage with Blue Yonder in South Beach and will be attending the Miami Boat Show on Thursday and Friday.  We are right in the heart of the city and have the perfect view of the harbor lights each night. 

Downtown Miami had a few derelict boats and the kids boarded this one to pretend they were captaining a sunken vessel.
 Once a bit further away, they were ready to stop pretending and get back on the dinghy!
 The sunsets over the Miami skyline are beautiful!
 We went to a Flagler Beach Memorial Monument island located next to our anchorage for the day.  It had a great beach and was perfect for a hot day. 
 We've seen so many Manatees in the dinghy and this time in particular there were four together under the dinghy that surfaced for some air at the same time. 
 So close and friendly, they don't seem to be afraid of humans at all.
 Downtown Miami reminded of us of our last big city of Chicago.
 On our dinghy ride through downtown Miami we came across a dance show that was currently filming. 
 Jaxon loved the Fire Rescue boat and got them to sound the horn as we passed by.
 Valentines Day consisted of making fun decorations, sending cards, decorating sugar cookies and tons of crafts.  Ryann had the perfect jammies to celebrate the day!
 Donwntown Miami
 Our first night there, we walked downtown Lincoln Street for a fun filled night out to dinner and sunset at South Beach.  We watched the cruise ships leave and the kids ran and played. 
 John Pennecamp State Park in Key Largo. We went to the local aquarium, visited the sites/beach and had a wet bumpy wet ride of four miles on the dinghy to get there. 
 The birds were very friendly.
 Our scenic dinghy ride took us past an Iguana perched on a stone wall.
 Miami skyline

 A major cruising hub.
 Craig thinks this might be Hulk Hogans home....does anyone know?