Friday, February 18, 2011

Miami Boat Show

The Miami Boat Show was a lot of fun!  We toured the many many booths with Pete and Anna and spent the day visiting with exhibitors and gathering lot's of trinkets that we don't have room for (kids loved it too)!  This picture is a very small fraction of the entire show. 
 The Fusion martians were a huge hit and very entertaining for the kids and adults.
 Jaxon loved this truck and couldn't believe the tire was as tall as him.
 The Geico lizard next to their boat.
We always try to not anchor near peoples homes, but due to limited safe anchorages and no room at the marinas (due to boat show), we made an exception and stayed in Sunset Lake near South Beach area of Miami. It is completely protected and we knew it would only be for 2 nights.  Sharing this anchorage with 12 other vessels and not being there all day long, it didn't seem to be a big deal.  However, for two nights this beautiful home that belongs to man named Fred decided to harass us and fellow boaters.  He shined his boats spot light into our windows and played the same rap song hundreds of times very loud to try and get us to leave with no avail.   
 By the second night we heard that he was verbally harassing several boats in the area and not wanting anything to escalate, we turned on our PS system and informed Mr. Fred that we had young children on board and please take it no further.  The Miami Beach Marine Patrol was at our vessel within minutes and had complete empathy for what we were dealing with.  Fred was a repeat offender and thankfully his bark is bigger than his bite. 
 We all felt safe and in good hands with the police on our side! 
 At an anchorage south of town we watched a cruise ship come into port at 5:00 am with all their lights on.
 South Beach park was loaded with children and the kids met a ton of people throughout the week. 
This parking garage was built by a man for around 2 million dollars and now is the hottest venue in town hosting many weddings and events.  It's located a few blocks from the heart of Lincoln Street.
We leave in the morning to head north!  I guess it's all north for awhile!!


  1. Craig and Danielle, It looks like you are all having a blast!! We've kept you in our thoughts and will continue to pray for fun and safety :) Angie introduced us to your blog last night after bringing her dinner, she is so brave and strong and doing much better. I've truely enjoyed looking at all your adventures! We definitely will have to get together when you get back! Soak in some warm ray's for us, Jennifer

  2. Thank you all for your supportive comments and following my blog. I love hearing from everyone and truly wish that YOU all had blogs too!!

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