Monday, February 21, 2011

Fort Lauderdale

Sunday was Craig's birthday and we decided as a family that since we don't need or want for anything, this year we would combine our birthday gifts into getting kayaks.  They were delivered to us at Yacht Haven Marina on Saturday and we've used them everyday!  It's been fun kayaking around the mega yachts in the back waters of Fort Lauderdale and has made for great exercise and very peaceful outings.  Although Jaxon looks a bit scrunched, he loves it too! 
Our first outing was a sunset cruise on Sat. night and we came upon two raccoons in the woods and later on saw fish, cat, birds and iguanas.  We are looking forward to many more adventures on the kayaks as we are almost half way through with the Great Loop.   
 Just like being on the tandem bikes, Ryann and I are good partners.
 Just when Craig takes the weight off the bow of the boat with  moving the bikes to the cockpit, we have to put the new kayaks up there.  We may look like the "Klampets" (sp), but we're loaded with lot's of fun stuff! 
 The girls made a great team as well.  They are looking forward to venturing out on their own now. 
 The Yacht Haven Marina is actually an RV park and marina.  We stayed here on our RV trip two years ago and it was fun to come back for another visit.  The pool is very warm and the people are so nice. 
You are NO WHERE without your health!  On this particular day Craig was just getting over fevers and a slight cough (on his birthday). He slept by the pool as we played and by the evening he was feeling much better.  However, we were leaving the next morning and Morgan came down with a stomach flu of sorts. 
 Craig's one birthday wish was for Jaxon to make him a cake.  He made the whole thing and it was delicious!
 Every birthday cake has to have lot's of sprinkles!
 Craig's second birthday wish (besides the kayaks, all being together and healthy) was that he and Jaxon would get mohawk haircuts.  Their hair grows so fast....why not!! 
 Tatoosh was an awesome personal yacht....see the helicopter on the back deck?
 Oasis of the Sea is the largest cruise ship in the world. It was spectacular to see it up close
 The "Jungle Queen" is a thrill ride for tourists as it screams down the canals and BARELY slows down for anything in it's path. We had a similar experience two years ago when we were in the dinghy.  Luckily this time we were in the 'Negotiator' and tied up waiting for a train bridge to open when it came through.  As it passed us he almost hit another vessel and throw it in reverse to just miss it. 

Life on the Water magazine did an article about our kids being "BoatSchooled."  Here is the link to the website and down-loadable Acrobat file. They are featured on page 34.  If you can't bring up this file, click on the picture of the boots to the right of the screen (the most recent issue of the magazine).


  1. Happy Birthday! The kayaks look sooo fun!
    Great job on making a birthday cake J!
    It's so fun to follow you guys around!

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