Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hollywood Beach

An airplane turned into a boat...only in Fort Lauderdale do you see something like that!

 One last day in the pool.

 Look the same, act the same, sound the same...
 Leaving our canal in Yacht Haven where we were situated next to two 55 foot Azimuts.  You couldn't go very far without seeing a 100-300 foot long boat in the back water canals of Fort Lauderdale.
 These towing vessels pull the large yachts through hairpin turns of the canals out to the ocean - one on the bow and one on the stern.
 These are all repossessed boats.
 Through the narrow areas it was common to pass huge vessels often. Craig never flinched and LOVED the challenge...I on the other hand took deep breaths and was thankful not to be at the helm.  Craig said through a really hairy part that he had to use the head...I replied with "let me get a bucket instead."
 Of course we got to pass the Jungle Queen as I mentioned before.
 This is a yacht transporter that's lowered into the water and boats float on top of it into position and they float the big freighter up.
 On this container ship each one of the 'boxes' you see are the size of a semi trailer.
 Hollywood Beach has a great fountain and park area with a live band and the beach on the Atlantic Ocean.  We played, swam a ton, ate ice cream, walked a few miles and kids were exhausted at the end of the day! 
 We actually went here on the RV trip two years ago.
 Ryann on top and Morgan hanging.
  Sand castles and swimming to end the perfect day!
 Morgan painted the headboard to her bed.
A funny thing happened today.  We are anchored out in the ICW near Hollywood Beach next to A1A, the main street. We get a phone call in the am from our friends, Mike and Melinda Herrema that were in their car driving past our boat and thought it was us!  What are the chances that they'd see our boat?  They were at the Miami Boat Show and heading to Fort Lauderdale to catch a plane.