Saturday, September 11, 2010


Downtown Peoria has a nice dock with power and fun riverfront things to do.  Tried some local pizza place, drinks on the back deck with some dear looper friends, went to a few shops, water fountains, parks,'s been a nice stop along the way.

We biked 3 miles to the zoo (uphill), but kids loved it and we made a day of playing at the parks, exploring downtown and ended up taking the dinghy to Walmart across the river for some provisioning. 

What a huge propeller!

The Asian Carp are EVERYWHERE!!  They are very big and they jump really high!  Any engine going by really stirs them up and look this picture we were just walking down the dock and one jumped in front of us.  The kids go crazy and Morgan kicked this one back into the water.

I'm pretty sure Jaxon hasn't made it through one bike ride without falling asleep.  So relaxing in that chair.

We went to a car show on the riverfront and this was one of our favorites.

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  1. I think you may need to get a new pair of shoes for Morgan, those fish are nasty! Oh, and Jaxon, I am envious. What a way to travel!

    What an awesome mail truck. It must be for Speedy Delivery service.