Thursday, September 9, 2010


Found a free city dock to tie up to for a few nights with power.

The weather has been great.

Went to the library for awhile, through the park, got groceries, lunch, etc.

The wind was crazy that day and a reported 3-4 foot waves on the river...unheard of for this area.


  1. guys look like you are having such an amazing time!!!! I LOVE the blog...thanks for sharing so much!
    Love you!

  2. Personally, I don't like shirts and shoes in my Ice Cream. Toppings? YES!!!

    Free docking "with power", very nice!!!


  3. Hello from We ae a website for the mid-west boaters of the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri Rivers around St. Louis.
    AL Benton sent us an e-mail about your journey and blog.

    We would like to follow your boating experiences by posting some of your daily blog entries and pictures on RiverBills. We get about 5,000 visitors a day and I think the boaters around St. Louis would really enjoy following your trip.

    Enjoy and be safe.....

    See yo on the river,
    Bill Kelley LLC