Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hamms Holiday Harbor Marina

What a great experience meeting the owner of the marina, Dick.  He welcomed us with open arms, a whole watermelon and an exclusive private tour of his collection of Casino barges.

We've never seen anything like it before! 

His whole harbor was full of old barges...including one that use to be a Burger King! The one below is the gas dock.

We were impressed!

The inside was still pretty decent and the kids left with some fun souvenirs from the visit...playing cards, some money and menu things to play "store" with.

It's not everyday you get to tour something as unique as this.  Mr. Hamm took us all on his work boat around to see the boats and afterward went for a sun set cruise to see a hundred pelicans. He really stirred up the Asian Carp as they were flying everywhere.  We ended up with a huge foot long one in the boat...I have only a video of it and the kids went crazy!