Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friends and Thank You's

We are so fortunate to have such supportive family and friends through all of our travels.  We've been amazed by all of the wonderful people we've met on this trip.

Scott and Patricia Hunt (CEO of Hunts Brothers Pizza with over 6,500 stores) gave the children Elliot Sadler t-shirts and cards as they are the sponsors of the Richard Petty Motorsports Team.  The kids were so excited they wore the shirts to bed!  

Karen from "Duet" thought of the kids and picked up coloring books, crayons, frisbees, etc. for a fun gift in the middle of the day. 
Judy, from Charleston, WV on board Hullabaloo was so sweet to the children. She brought Lifesavers one evening and was so nice to talk to. We'll miss traveling with her. 
 Hal and Cheryl gave us a big beautiful Michigan flag to hang off our boat. Craig had it up minutes after receiving it, we love it! They collected flags from every state on the trip.  They are getting ready to 'cross their wake' soon....congratulations on completing the loop!!   

Allan and Cheryl from "The Goode Life" for being such good friends and sharing their experiences with us down river (right before we get there)!

Huge thank you to Dave, master fabricator, for mending our windlass for free!  With only a days notice, he made us a priority and delivered to our boat (an hour away).  He has worked for several large companies in the world building custom motor cycles from ground up, etc.  People like him should be role it forward!

Jim and Gloria Crawford from "Crawdad" for continually letting my children play with their dogs, their kind friendship and support and changing my laundry in Grafton. 
Gloria, Buddy and BooBoo
Leslie from Amalia let the kids borrow some family movies for nice of her to think of us!

Al Benton, my penpal for a the past year for your continued support with our adventures, advice about St. Louis and coming to see us in Grafton.

Art and Yvonne, my parents, for the support, coming to see us in Benton Harbor and St. Louis, the CB Radios we use everyday, the fun telescope, car seat for the bike that Jaxon loves, the portable DVD player that saved the day on our long voyage across Lake Michigan is 6 foot waves, the "Crew" hats the kids love, many photo albums, selling our cars and quad, getting all of our mail and list goes on and on.
Kelli Blouin for making Jaxons schooling year so enjoyable! He looks forward to opening his bin full of FUN STUFF every day!
Carrie Jermstad for your friendship, love, continued support, coming to see us this Xmas (YEAH), the fun Bon Voyage party, the awesome photo album I'll treasure forever, the relaxing pedicure before we left and for just being YOU!
Rich and Deb Rogers, Craigs parents, for the binoculars we use EVERYDAY, the fun fun BonVoyage party before we left, the constant support and love, coming to see us this New Years (YEAH), the GPS that has made life easier and on and on!!
To my two great sisters for their support with our adventures, even though they don't want us to leave.  You two mean the world to me! This picture makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It was taken with my camera at one of the partys and I found it once I downloaded my photos.  I miss them dearly....
Cousins, friends and family for life...Angie, Kelli and Michelle!
To our sweet kids that have made life what it is today!  You are our constant entertainment and joy and this trip would not be what it is today without all of you!  You wake up with smiles and make the most out of everyday. We love watching you play together, but look forward to our family bike rides, trip to the stores, walks, family game and drawing nights, help with chores and cruising and our family dynamic has never been stronger.  You are the BEST kids we could have ever imagined you'd be! 


  1. It was a real treat to finally meet all of you at Grafton Harbor. I only wish that I could have stayed longer. I am grateful that your parents, Art & Yvonne came to St. Louis when they did. I enjoyed meeting and visiting with them as well.

    Morgan, Ryann and Jaxon, I especially enjoyed meeting all of you. You are delightful, polite, energetic, beautiful and much more. I wish my grandchildren could have spent a day with you, they are nearly the same ages as you are. We have 5th grade and 1st grade girls and 3 preschoolers.