Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pensacola Bay to Fort Walton Beach

Each week that I post to my blog I want to take the time to tell stories about our adventures.  It seems that every time I sit down and actually find time to do it....I run out of time for long stories and details.  So hear I am on a Saturday night working on the kids school curriculum for this week.

My favorite part about this adventure is that everyday is something new.  After our fun day seeing dolphins and swimming in salt water last week we were faced head on with a huge storm, including strong winds/waves.  Before the brunt of the storm we found an anchorage and were hoping to secure ourselves before the onset.  However, plan B took effect when the front cleat (that holds the anchor chain) broke off and ended up in the water.  God was telling us to get to a safe dock, and boy are we glad we did.  For two days the wind howled through the canvas and waves slapped the hull.  Luckily we were still able to take in the sites around Sabine Bay Harbor, south of the Pensacola area.    

Kids played center stage at Quietwater Beach.
 Clean up crews for the BP oil spill lined the beach on the Gulf of Mexico....the high winds and "danger/red flags" didn't stop them.
 A great view of the action, but very windy day.

 We were amazed to see so many jellyfish and stingrays every day.  It's only solidifying Ryanns desire to not enter the water again. 

 Fort Walton Beach Park was next to the city dock we stayed at for many days.  The kids were overjoyed to have a playground, kids to play with, sand, trees to climb and grass to run in!

 A fun visit with Great Grandpa Wes and Great Grandma Toni (who is celebrating her 90th bday this week).  We were all excited to seer family and enjoyed good conversations, dinner and a couple days with them.   
 I'm quite sure Morgan got her blue eyes from Great Grandpa Wes and Grandma Yvonne.
 The water temperature read 63 degrees, but that wasn't going to stop Morgan from going in the water with her dad.  Craig wanted to check out the "damage" done from running aground (luckily there wasn't any!)
 The anticipation of swimming with all the swim creatures in freezing water made for a giggle fest prior to jumping in.  Needless to say, it was short lived and he encouraged fearless Morgan not to join in.  

 Bike rides every day lead us to new and fun places.  We were able to provision at a nearby Publix, by some new educational things for the kids and went to the largest West Marine store to replace the cleat.  This playground was in the middle of shopping center!
A local band played at the City Park next to our boat one evening and there was a bounce machine and more kids to meet!  Two of our boating friends Ed and Lucy from "I Love Lucy" and Stacy and Paul from "Sea Sea" joined for the fun. 
 This particular boat was flooded from the rain and since the battery was dead the bilge stopped working and down went the vessel. 
 The scooters are a hit when you enter a flat town!
 I was on the phone with my mom one night and she said "can you see the beautiful sunset"?  It was fun to watch it go down together and feel like we're much closer than what we are. 
A local antique store was selling a crab cage so we took the opportunity to catch some "blue crab" for dinner.  
The kids are pictured here with their new friends Lucas and Nolan making dirt cakes!  We met their sweet parents, David and Ana, a few days before and all got together at the park to play and have some adult conversation!  Fun for the whole family!  They've been contemplating doing a cruising adventure too.
 Biking a few miles to do laundry on the bikes.  Ryann can't reach the peddles anyways, so she ended up holding the laundry, some groceries, etc.  After taking the kids out to dinner (which is a rare treat for us) at our favorite spot "Five Guys Burgers and Fries," Ryann and Jaxon acted like my sister Michelle and I did after dinner out when I was little.....giggling like crazy, singing, hugging and holding hands laughing the whole way home.  It made me laugh and miss my sister....  
 Our first Blue Crab was quite big and very aggressive!
 He clamped on to the dock pole and would not let go.  It was amazing how strong he was.
One full crab boiled and ready to eat......well then you have to scrub the slime off him and pull his legs and shell off and in the end you get about 15% of the meat to eat.  After one bite Morgan said "now I have crab breath" and Ryann said "that was disgusting."  Anyone want to buy a crab cage?  No, Craig and I liked it and want to get creative with our new purchase!


  1. What an adventure - I really look forward to each of your updates. Never a dull day on the Negotiator! Miss you all a ton. Love Grandpa Rich

  2. I'll bring down some crab recipes for dinner over xmas break! We'll get to laughing and giggling for sure after that!!!

    Love the posts you've continued to write ~ more then a memorable keepsake for the kids down the road ~ a chance for us all to feel like we're onboard with you :-)

    xoxoxo, m