Sunday, November 14, 2010

Black Warrior to Mobile, Alabama

In one week we traveled over 500 miles, traversed through locks, met new people, and witnessed a beautiful part of America’s scenery and wildlife!  With two exceptions we did not walk on land for a week. The kids never even asked or bothered to care.  They are the best little crew I could ever ask for.

Beautiful white cliffs filled the waterway for quite a distance.

A stop at Demopolis Yacht Basin is very popular for Loopers. Laundry, provisioning and a secure rest stop for a cold evening on the water.  Morgan is enjoying her canoe ride in the air!

Ryann and Jaxon love to play pretend and got a real kick out of the alligators.

Each morning the fog was thick and visibility was at a minimum.  This particular morning was crucial that we depart in the early hours to make it to a popular anchorage down the waterway.  We managed to go around 4 miles per hour as we crawled to the lock a few miles away.

 Leaving the lock with the bright sun shining!
Bashi Creek was a very narrow inlet, but fairly deep for us anchor in.  We managed to squeeze 7 boats in (there were 10 the night before).  With a bow and stern anchor we were still five feet from shore.

 When Daddy's grilling and Jaxons hungry, there's always a great helper onboard!
A 65 foot boat called “Summer Place” was taking their dogs for a morning walk and offered to take everyone’s trash to the dumpster at the local park. 

Our last lock that kids named "Grandma Yvonne's Lock" as the name of it was "Coffeeville"!!  We could feel what felt like the tide going out and it was the first time that our had felt saltwater in her life!  We won't see another lock system until we enter up the northern part of the east coast.  What a change from doing 4 locks a day!
 This is just a snapshot of the winding narrow river.  This photo is of our Lowrance screen (GPS on the water)!
 Craig doesn't get razzed very easily, but when he saw this low flying helicopter with a man hanging out the side of it waving to us, he was screaming for the kids to watch.  It's amazing that I have my mothers "quick grab my camera" a knee jerk thing that I grew up with. 
 Trying to catch an alligator. Although it seems far fetched we did spot some in the area.  What we would've done with the alligator if we caught it...I don't know?
 One of the many "tows" that push barges through the narrow waterway here.  This one reminded me of my dad....see the name on the side, "Mr. Lewis"!
 Alligator siting at mile marker 92....ahhhhhh, our first siting of a wild alligator.  Ryann is insistent that she won't be swimming anytime soon.  Wait till she sees the sharks in the ocean :-(
 Downtown Mobile with the convention center on the left and cruise terminal on the right.  We were able to dock our boat right next to it all.  As soon as we hit land the kids were off the boat and ready to run around.
 Since we arrived at dinnertime, a taste of the local peanut shop was a must.  We tried the creole peanuts and Jaxon jumped around fanning his mouth for 10 minutes laughing. 
 It was amazing to see how industrialized the harbor was in Mobile.

 We stayed at Dog River Marina and took the courtesy car to get the dinghy motor fixed, Walmart and Subway!
 Morgan Marie (M&M's) favorite boat!
 John and Zita Winn with their cute kitty Paul from Charlevoix, Michigan.  They own Four Winns and were fun to talk to.  The kids played with Paul who was so fluffy and had two different colored eyes.

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