Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Alabama

We left Dog River Marina in Mobile, Alabama on Sunday and had a fun first day in salt water! Upon leaving you could smell the change in the air and it was interesting to see passing shrimp boats loaded with birds preying around and dolphins falling behind searching for escapees.
In the middle of Mobile Bay stood this 'home' that was abandoned (land was around ten miles away).  

 Morgan's first jump into salt water.  No hesitation, happy as could be to jump....and then came up spitting out the salty taste!
 Ryann was hoping to swim with some dolphins.  No luck there and the swim didn't last too long.  75 degrees and sunny all day.
We saw around two dozen dolphins our first day.  We saw them jumping and playing in front of the boat and when we went up for a closer look we could see them swimming under the bow.  Four of them stayed there for around 15 minutes.
 It made the whole boat scream with excitement, great videos and tons of laughter!
 The fun day ended with a cozy anchorage in a quiet cove with a great sunset.