Sunday, May 29, 2011

Waterford, New York

Waterford is a great town that has a lot to offer.  We've enjoyed riding bikes, the many parks, the people and of course free full hook-up.  Our time has extended here due to the Erie Canal not being fully open.  There has been a lot of boats passing through Lock 2 next to our boat, but are now all stacked up near the closed lock.  A man working at the Welcome Center and the Lockmaster stated we better stay put as boats are rafted three deep on lock walls with no amenities.  It  may open today, but with the holiday weekend, temperatures reaching 90 degrees and a sailing regatta further up where they close the river....I think we'll let the mob pass thru for a day! 
 There was a Memorial Day parade that was fun to see.
 126 foot 1901 vessel just made it under the bridge. Notice the man on a ladder on the topside. 
 We ran up to see him locking through and found out they just underwent a $10 million restoration and the owner was captaining the boat (unheard of).
 A view of the old Erie Canal that we kayaked by in last post.
 David and Trish aboard Sovereignty came over after we BBQ'd a great dinner.  David has lived on his 27 foot boat for 27 years! He once lived in our home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan and managed the Boat U.S. store. 
 David and Trish brought us a watermelon and Ryann was so excited!  We made banana bread for them and have really enjoyed their company.
 This was the only picture of the squirt gun fights where Ryann wasn't running away from Jaxon....he puts up a great battle! 
 Boys jumping from the bridge with their big tennis shoes on....see some of them still on the bridge and some in the water.  Looked dangerous and fun at the same time.
 David taught Morgan how to make a Turk Head nautical bracelet or thump pad/coaster.  He was very detailed as it's not easy to do. 
 The girls sat on the lawn drawing with a cold drink in the shade after a hot day. 
 These boys waved and smiled at the girls on the grass....then were escorted out by the police for biking in a prohibited area.  I think Craig had something to do with this.
 Our new friends that we've gotten to know during our stay here.  Bill (far left) and Barb aboard SunCast a 32' s/v have lived aboard for over 10 years and just came from Cuba.  Terry and Cindy (lower left) aboard Freyja a 42' s/v have lived aboard for 3 years are heading back to the WI/MN area to try the 'landlover' life again.  They have lived in Australia and Japan among 37 other places in their life and had some great stories.  Nelson aboard 'Lost Navigator' on right is a 36' trawler built 100% out of wood by Nelson over 9 years to construct.  It is bright orange and very cool.   
 From left: David, Barb and mentioned earlier.  We all enjoyed talking on the aft deck once the hot sun went down....good stories and friends were made. 
 Bill brought over his conch for the kids to try.  He gave them some good pointers too.
 Jaxon gave it all he had!
 David didn't believe that Jaxon's blue anchor bed was large enough to fit an adult.  He tried it out and concurred!
 The parks were nice and the kids were able to meet other children too.
A new addition to the 'Negotiator' as we are currently displaying our crab pot balls on the port and starboard aft deck top.  Like we didn't already look like 'liveaboards' already!