Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Beach Island

Beach Haven is located on Long Beach Island that is comprised of many towns down the coast with the ICW on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The locals refer to it as LBI and say it's a patch of heaven. 

Across the street from our marina is probably the best Maritime Museum that we've seen this entire trip.  The private owner lives in the upper level and has a great view of the water.  She's a certified diver and has found some of the artifacts displayed in the museum.  

 It is fairly new, free and even has a library to borrow books.  There's a large stock of free CD's that feature shows of many marine topics of shipwrecks, sharks and pirates too.  
Each week people come to donate new items and speakers give presentations. There are computer stations with wi-fi, and a database with over 7,200 maritime losses all in New Jersey.  
Morgan collects postcards of each port we go to and their walls were full of them.  It reminded me of my Dad's collection of license plates on his garage walls. 
There was an entire room dedicated to the Morro Castle. It was a cruise line from 1932 that took people from New York to Havanna, Cuba.  It was 20 nautical miles out to sea off the NJ coast when it was believed to be set on fire from a disgruntled employee. It was towed into shore and grounded here near the beach as onlookers watched in horror. Many people died that day. 
This photo was taken next to the sailboat in my last posting.  It overlooks an amusement park with water and roller coaster rides.
 The shops were quaint, but it is still pretty early in the season.

 My sister, Michelle, and I went to Las Vegas and our favorite slot machine was 'Red, White and Blue.'  Of course the arcade had one just like it! 
Two men were fixing a plumbing line under our dock this week and borrowed our kayak to make the job a bit easier.  They were very gracious and came back later with a bag full of fudge.  It was delicious!
 We're getting to know the staff at the marina and it was mentioned that Craig was an interior woodworker prior to his sabbatical.  Sure enough they asked him to help out with a few projects at the marina.  He gathered his tools and realized he forget a 'square'......so he borrowed Jaxon's!   
 The kids and I were left with rainy day activities that included sewing, crafts, cleaning and cooking.
 Jaxon made meatballs for dinner and was my little buddy the entire day.  This is his second pumpkin pie and he does the whole thing....except clean up!
Ryann loved playing Club Penguin with her cousin Elizabeth.  They were able to enter into rooms, dress up, challenge another player and work as a team. They laughed, sang and really had fun.  I've been playing 'Words with Friends' on the iPad with my sister, brother-in-law Rob, my dad, cousin Kelli and friend Megan. It's just like Scrabble, free and a great way to connect with friends on your own time. 
The kids met an 8 year old girl, Anna, last night as I visited with her mom. Craig ended up working all day and the owner of the marina gave the kids Klondike ice cream bars!  As we headed back to the boat the winds were picking up and there was a coastal flood advisory in the area. Cars were being moved from the parking lot and water was almost over the dock. 
 The public library was was built in 1924 and the director, Jean, said they're trying to keep the same look and feel from that era.  They still use the old card system for checking out books too.
The kids loved reading new books and when we left, Jean, gave them all a half dozen books each.  She claimed that many locals donate books each day and they just simply don't have room for it all.   
Ashley's Playground as the sign states over the trellis is in the church parking lot and next to a community garden that had over a dozen plots in the center of town. 
 Ryann's really been loving the bike rides everyday!
The small craft advisory has not been lifted in over seven days and will continue throughout the week.  The fog is very thick too.  We officially feel like 'liveaboards' and not cruisers.  Hoping for seas under 6 foot by the weekend.  If it were all ICW no problem, but heading into the ocean changes everything.  The Erie Canal is still closed, so taking this time to regroup has been beneficial.
Morgan just lost her 15th tooth and the new one is already coming in!