Saturday, January 15, 2011


Marathon Marina and Boatyard has been a great place to call home this past week!  We have the best view of the sunset each night. This picture is taken from our aft deck! It's going to be a great month.
 Can you see the "Negotiator" pictured in the middle of 'high rent district'?  The people are very friendly too! 
 Sunrise photo from the bow of the boat....we are so happy to be here.
 Pete and Anna are staying at this marina too. We've spent many sunsets together, enjoyed bike rides, making homemade pizza and this particular night they brought over the makings of banana boats which consisted of bananas with chocolate and marshmallows layered together and grilled to perfection...YUM! 
 Tooth #11 came out this week. Morgan was super happy that the tooth fairy came for a visit! 
 Our first manatee siting was exhilarating!  The kids went crazy and we woke Jaxon up with our excitement.  This particular one was drinking fresh water from a man who left his hose dripping on while cleaning his boat.  We were so close to this large mammal and he wasn't frightened at all as he circled our dinghy.   
 This iguana held perfectly still hoping we wouldn't notice him.
 "Muddy Waters" is a 48' Krogen and living aboard is the Samway family.  Michael and Jennifer with their children Keenan 12 and Daria 10.  They came for a visit this week and we look forward to seeing them again soon.  They are 2 weeks into starting their Great Loop adventure and are from Miami, Florida! 
 The Marathon City Marina has hundreds of mooring balls and a whole community of fellow boaters like we've never seen before.  This is only a small fraction of the dinghy's parked on a daily basis on their docks.  Once you've parked you can enjoy daily activities, a Tiki hut, park, tennis, showers, movie/library area, etc. On channel 68 every morning at 9:00 am you can listen or join in on commentary including question/answer, new arrivals/departures, selling stuff to trivia.   
 Sombrero Beach was a beautiful place to spend a hot afternoon. 

 Morgan and Ryann met a girl named Kayleigh and they played all afternoon.
 Later at the park they met Holly and Abby and exchanged gymnastics techniques. 
 Jaxon met a fellow Bakugan lover, Brent 7, who loved to run and play. He thought Jaxon was super cool and they had a riot together! 
 "Heller Highwater" is the name of this beached vessel that was located just around the bend from our marina. 
 We boarded the abandoned boat and explored the trash heaped mess.
 It was fairly in tact as we carefully walked the perimeter.

 The kids loved the experience and only pulled one great treasure from her....a very old belt buckle with 'Florida' on it. 
 More weekend fun!

 Marathon is located 40 miles north of Key West.  The weather is awesome and the time will go by so fast.   


  1. Got to love the Banana Boats! Looking forward to the Sunset Grill, Oh Yeah!

  2. Was so fun checking out your blog! Hope to see you guys again before we all leave Marathon!
    Your friends from the park!
    Rob, Kim Megan, Grant, Mia

  3. We miss you all! Baby Annabelle is due two weeks from TODAY!!! Dalilah looks at your pictures almost EVERYDAY and we talk about you often. She recognizes all of you and says you went "ByeBye on Big boat". Hope everything is going well. I will call you when Annie arrives! Lots of Hugs and Kisses!!!

    Kurt,Steph and Dalilah xoxoxo

  4. It sure has been fun following your progress southward with so many new adventures at every stop along the way. It was great to see photos of your parents, Danielle. I had the pleasure of meeting them at Grafton Harbor last September. Keep posting these great photos and stories.