Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Rich (Craig's mom and stepfather) came for a visit this week.  It was great to see them.  They took the kids bowling one afternoon, out to dinner and for a sleepover at their hotel.  They had a blast and went in the hot tub after breakfast that next morning.  (Craig came down with a cold so our plans changed a little).

 Our company was able to witness some great dolphin shows next to the boat!
 Ryann with her new found coconuts after another dinghy ride to Shell Key on a beautiful sunny day!
 Our dockmaster, Les, gave us a ton of delicious Florida oranges for xmas. Ryann can't get enough of the fresh squeezed juice and drinks it everyday.
 Jaxon with his new personal trampoline is quite a hit!  He jumps often and has kept him from climbing around the couch.  It counts his jumps and he was well over 1,000 right away.
 The Metro family aboard Lady Enna cruising to their anchorage on New Years Eve.  The kids loved spending time with their new friends. The time went by so fast and we hope to cruise with them again someday. 
 New Years Eve at our anchorage just outside of Treasure Island was beautiful.  They glassed over the pool and put a full enclosure in that area for KC and the Sunshine Band.  It was fun to see the transformation and they had over 700 people there for dinner and entertainment. 
 Our first evening together as a family in a long time.  We played "Minute to Win it" which lead to a lot of laughter and fun.  Morgan is trying to catch the orange ball (see ball on mirror area) in her bucket. 
 Jaxon throwing cards into the bucket.
 Ryann shaking balls out of the box.
 The telescope came in handy for getting a closer look at the band.  Thanks for letting us borrow it, Dad!
 We made our way to Sarasota on New Years day and got a great anchorage right downtown. 
 We took the dinghy into shore, played at the park and took a long walk.
 A tree hugging Morgan.
 Taking the bus to Ringling Brothers Museum.  Jaxon said it was his first time on a bus and it was very speedy.  We took a cab ride home and he thought that was speedy too.
 Tom Thumb at age 7 (pictured right) and Ryann Rachel at age 7 (pictured left). 
 A miniature museum of the circus was quite a site to see.  It's hard from the picture to envision the size of the big top.  I took the picture from the second floor and the exhibit was on the first floor.  See the woman on the center right area for a better understanding of it. 
 The cannon that the Zucchini family was shot out of during a circus performance.  
 The museum was established in 1948 and was filled with equipment, props, posters, wardrobe, and carved parade wagons like the one below.  
 The surrounding gardens and landscaping was beautiful.  See Morgan and Ryann at the base of the trees?
 The Ca d'Zan Mansion where John and Mable Ringling lived was built in 1926.
 The interior was ornate and unique. 
 The Museum of Art was very impressive and the grounds were immaculate.

 Craig and Morgan went aboard a few half sunken sailboats. 
We will continue south soon. We never know one day to the next where we might be.  The real adventure in all of this is the spontaneity.  Each day is so different.  The kids start school tomorrow as we begin a new week.