Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stone Crabs

Walking along Shell Key Island this week, Morgan and Craig came across a buried crab cage (see next photo).  The cage was full of stone crabs and shells and must have been there for quite awhile.

 Although it looks similiar to a shell, it is a Stone Crab.
 They took the dinghy over ten miles each way to get to their favorite hotspot for shelling that day.
 Five stone crabs made it safely back to the boat, but only 4 of the claws were kept. 
You only eat the meat inside the claw.   
 Once you rip one claw off you throw the crab back into the water to regenerate a new claw. The one is kept on to defend himself and this can be done 3-4 times.  You can see the claws in the lower right corner of the picture.
 Ryann and Jaxon weren't feeling well, so Morgan and Craig had some fun time together!
 The dockmaster delivers the paper every morning and it is enjoyed by all!
 More painting projects!
 Catching fish to use as bait.
Friends, family and Christmas posting coming soon....(too busy having fun)!


  1. For the record, Craig, I actually thought you magically got a full-sleeve tattoo after looking at these pictures! Until I realized you only had it in a few of them! :)

    Looks like you guys are having a blast! We were in Florida (Naples) for Christmas too - hopefully you guys stayed warm!


  2. Craig was waiting for someone to comment on it....then I forgot and put other photos on! Did you drive to Naples? Would love to see you! I love your logo, we need to catch up...danielle