Sunday, December 19, 2010

Before the company comes...

Starting tomorrow we have four families coming to see us over the holidays.  Ryann said she's more excited about the company than Christmas (we'll see how she feels xmas morning).  We brought the same tree from the RV trip and as you can see the kids did ALL of the decorating and couldn't be prouder of their little tree!
 A pelican sat on the bow railing today and Jaxon said "mom, someones on the boat." 
 Morgan is sewing xmas gifts this year.  Her grandma Debbie bought her a great sewing machine before we left that included lessons on how to use it.  The kids are excited to have a break from school while our family is here and already have more time to get creative!
 If anyone was wondering what Santa's "sea" sleigh looks like, than wonder no more!  The kids were relieved to see him at the marina already.   
 Christmas in Florida....although it looks like we're in Michigan.  Another cool bike ride into town for laundry and food.  The weather is suppose to heat up in the middle of the week....just in time for all the Michiganders!
 Word is's a popular place to hang out.
 Painting shells
 Morrissey's supplied us with many grapefruits, oranges and a very large pomelo
Looking forward to our family and friends coming!