Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life on land

Our life on land has been an entirely new journey than that on the water. The people we meet, conversations each day and relationships moving forward take a whole new perspective than our cruising life.  We love our life and still hold the memories close....I hope we always do.

I love waking up at 5:30 with Craig and watching the sunrise.  This is the view from our living room window. 
Craig has taken a position as Site Superintendent at a well known high end large home builder in town.  It'll be a welcomed change to the higher stress and laborous work his days are filled with now. It truly reflects our goals moving forward and we're celebrating the new path. The girls are sporting some of the new clothing he received. 

Jaxons kindergarten teacher, Mrs. VanEizenga, is a sweetheart!  School is going very well for all of the kids and it seems our homeschooling and life experiences have only enhanced their education.  A sigh of relief on our part and it's amazing how well adjusted they are.  Making friends, getting involved and bringing home great grades is not a problem...YEAH! 
Jaxon and his best friend, WatchOut, playing in the puppy's 'bedroom.'
The "Healing Field" at Cannonsburg ski lodge in Rockford (Grand Rapids area) had one flag for every person is passed in the 9/11 tragedy.  It was purely touching to see and thousands gathered for days to view and mourn the loss.
WatchOut on the beach was hysterical!
He never stopped!
Jaxon getting a little air time.
A walk on the pier at Grand Haven and picnic on the boardwalk with my parents.  The dog was carried half the time because he was so tired.  After this photo was taken he literally sucked down an entire fish from a nearby fisherman...YUCK!
We will miss the sunny warm days of summer.
He actually loves taking a bath!
Salmon festival in Grand Haven had many crafts and activities for kids.
Michigan rat snake climbed up Ryanns shirt so quickly.
Grandma really fooled Morgan with fake poop.  We convinced her to help clean it up and she was such a good sport.
Thank you grandma and grandpa for my doggie stuffed animal and treats.  It actually has a water bottle inside so it makes a crackling noise he loves.  
Our dear friends, John and Carrie, just got a cute little dog named Petri.  They gave WatchOut an adorable poop purse and this squeaky toy from his little girlie dog friend! 
My nephew, Alexander, turned 12 and we gathered for fun family times! 
 Ryann's friend, Helen, came for a visit and taught us Origami.  The girls had fun and she lives only a quarter mile away.  Looking forward to many more play dates with her. 
 Morgan continues her training with the dog and she was able to capture his latest moves of high fives!

The sunset at the pier head.


  1. did morgan get to keep the fake poop and have sime fun with it? she's so cute!

  2. Looks like land life is treating you well! We just left Marathon again, we stayed 2 months again this year, cruising the east coast this year! Hope your doing well! Kim

  3. Luv that picture of the girl with the snake. I downloaded the hi res shot and displayed her life size on my monitor. She looked like she was right in front of me LOL! She is a good looking girl so I leaned close and kissed her on the mouth and lips several times. When I finished kissing her and pulled my mouth off her lips and saw her looking right at me it put a smile on her face. I think I am going to put her on display life size in my room in one of my large digital picture frames. It will be fun to have her in my room to look at, and to walk and kiss her when I feel like it.