Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spring Lake, Michigan

Another great Michigan summer!  We can't get enough of the sun and fun.  Pictured here with my parents and their dinghy, we went to the beach for the day and did lot's of swimming in the warm water. 
 Our home port of Grand Haven, Michigan is Coast Guard City USA!!  Each year there's a HUGE event for two weeks with a ton of festivities and people, parades and events.  Pictured here is the hill opposite of the town that hosts a water fountain light show (under the temporary sign here) every night across from the municipal marina. 
 Very popular anchorage that day with a ton of our boating friends all around! 
 My kids love grandma and grandpas dinghy!  Behind them is the carnival and municipal marina to the left (free wall to tie up on the right). 
 My friend Carrie let us park in her driveway and walk to the Kids Day event close to her home. 
 It was a really scenic walk through the woods with lots of hills and trees. 
 Ryann was super impressed with a girl in the Coast Guard!
 Kids day had a ton of sponsors, fun activities, giveaways and all sorts of great things kids love. 
 Scoopee from Culvers is always a hit!
 Coastie is another favorite among the masses of children.
 We opted to do our Home Depot activity in the comfort of our boat.  The long lines, humidity with a threat of rain, and crowds made this the better choice. They are even using Jaxons Home Depot tools.
 The Coast Guard ships were very impressive. We toured 2 of the 4 and included the Mackinaw!
 A view from the helm...what an awesome experience to tour through it.
 Craig's sister, Dee Dee, turned 40 this week and my parents gave her 40 birthday balloons! 
 It's as if we planned for the two smiley face balloons to be in the photo!
 Grandpa Wes loves his "Little Debbie"....he nicknamed her after her Grandma Debbie due to all of the similarities. 
 My Aunt Cindy and sister Michelle threw a great bridal shower for my cousin Christa from Virginia.  My sister was unable to come at the last minute as Rob's grandma passed away suddenly.  We were sad not to have her and Beth not there.  Craig built an addition and remodel to their home last year with a custom kitchen.
 The girls were all dressed up and had a fun time.  I did not get a photo of the adults...
 Dee's husband, Mark, threw a huge surprise party at the Score for her.  When she lifted her hand up like this I thought she was going to smack him for what he did..haha! 
 About 80 people were there to help her celebrate and it was a great time. 
 For over three years we have stored our belongings at Craigs parents home in Ada. 
 Again...that's THREE years of being on the RV from June 15, 2008, on to the boat, then a temporary rental for the winter months and back onto the boat. 

We're ready for our next in a home, school, jobs, etc. 
It's probably time to settle down for awhile.