Monday, July 11, 2011

Boyne City, Michigan

One Water Street Marina in Boyne City was a great stop. The new marina is in Lake Charlevoix and the heart of the city.
 A short walk away was a fantastic park that we went to daily for some good exercise and meeting other kids.
Car, job and house hunting has been top on our list now that we've entered into Michigan again.  Jaxon wasn't as excited about all of this fun stuff to do!
 My parents, Art and Yvonne, came for a visit over the holiday weekend and we enjoyed being together.  It was an active weekend of going to the beach, kayaking, bike riding and Fourth of July festivities.
Craig's sister, Dee, came up from Grand Rapids with my niece Emily 9 and nephew Alexander 11. The kids were so excited to be with their cousins again.
 The kids went from one thing to another and it was nonstop fun all weekend long. 
 We went to a great anchorage and played all day long in the sun. 
 The kids loved having a sleepover in the aft deck. It was a nice night and they giggled until after 11:00.
 My dad, Art, tucked the kids into bed with his 'light-up' glasses.  The kids laughed like crazy.  
 The Fourth of July parade was great with a ton of floats, marching band and thousands of people watching.
 It was a sweltering hot morning as the kids sat on the concrete. Jaxon dropped the toy in his hand down the drain moments after the picture was taken.....I should have seen it coming.
 After the parade was a pie eating contest and our kids were the first ones in line.
 Jaxon doesn't even really like pie, but he was a trooper and came seconds away from winning. Not bad even with his gag reflex going off a few times. Big sister Ryann stood right at his back patting him with encouraging words.
 Ryann took the whole experience pretty seriously and did a great job!
 The three oldest children competed against eachother and although we had no official winners in the family that day, they all did their best.
 Lot's of fun prizes all around and excitement to be had!
 After the contest the games began. Ryann and Emily were on a relay team with their friend whom they met at the park last week.  They put life jackets on and ran around cones.
 Jaxon looked so cute in his bean bag hopping so fast he took first place in his age group!
 Our new friend and slip mate, Bruce, is also the owner of Alpine Chocolate Haus in downtown Boyne City. He has a 35 Chris Craft Catalina and was a joy to talk to.
 One day he came over with the most delicious carmel apples. One had cinnamon on it and tasted like a pie, another was dipped in chocolate, carmel and pecans....yummmm.
 Morgan, Ryann, Alexander and Emily worked together to build their own sailboat.  The mast was completed once their cousins left.
 They set sail and watched the wind blow her around the docks.
 Grandma Yvonne and Grandpa Art treated us to delicious ice cream from the Alpine Chocolate Haus.
 The night wasn't complete without Ryann and her conch shell.
Life is very busy these days as we try and figure out re-entering into this new way of life.  There's a lot to figure out and decisions to be made.  Were working through it slowly, but know that the kids would like to settle into a home and go back into a traditional classroom setting in less than two months.  Time is already flying by so fast.