Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sylvan Beach, New York

We were fortunate to stumble upon a great amusement park for the kids right outside our boat in Sylvan Beach.  There is a dock wall right before Oneida Lake (29 mile stretch of open water) and the kids were thrilled!  We rode all of the rides 100's of times!  Our next adventure is going to be 'Coast to Coast on Coasters'!! 
 I was designated to be the adult 'least likely to lose my dinner' and rode all of the rides with the kids.
 It's a ferris wheel, but in a cage....hhhmmmmm.....
........and it tips up-side-down!!!
 My favorite ride was the classic Himalaya. Great loud music, super fast and this particular one was rather old. Try to see the paintings on the back walls. 
 We were suppose to be scared in Lafland, but Jaxon said it just wasn't!
 The 'Bomber' is rather hard to hold on, but dates back to before WWII and is the oldest ride in the park. 
 Bumper cars were fun and Craig did a 'pinch hit' for me so I could regain my stomach after a super spin ride!
 25 cents to play...unheard of these days and kids had a riot playing eachother in Bingo to fill the holes with the ball.
 Lucky for Ryann, she's big enough to ride almost all of the big rides and small enough to still hang back with Jaxon. 

 The kids LOVED Sylvia. She was a street performer that kept hanging out with us all night. She rode the rides, played skee ball with us and made us laugh! 
 After about 10 times on the ride I realized that Jaxon didn't need mommy to go with him anymore.  They proceeded to go another 20 times till the park closed!
 Prior to our stay in Sylvan Beach, we were able to see many interesting locks.  Each one is so very different than the next.  This one is Little Falls which is the largest lift up in the entire canal and surrounded by beautiful stone walls on the opposite side.
 All of the bridges are less than 20 feet. This one has the lock behind it.
 We stayed at lock wall 20 which had free 50 amp power, a floating dock and made for a great layover as the 40 knot winds blew down the canal for a few days. 
 Great electronic charts as the arrow with pink line following states where we are currently. The blue is the apparently we are driving the boat on land at this present time!
After a very long stay at the amusement park, Jaxon made a great little bed next to his toys for a quick nap the next day as we drove over Oneida Lake and onto the Oswego Canal. 
We are currently staying in Minetto at yet another free dock with power next to the town.  They encourage transients to bring income to their towns. Sure enough we stocked up on favorable quarts of Stewarts ice cream, eggs, milk, etc.

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